Monday, December 15, 2008

Winding-up notice issued to Strand developer as subbies left unpaid

Knight Build has issued an insolvency notice against Urvasco in the latest chapter of the Strand hotel dispute.

Work is currently on hold at the former Marconi Hotel on London’s strand where the first UK venture for the Spanish Silken Hotel group had been underway.

The project has been plagued by legal problems since work begain. O’Keefe Construction (Greenwich) filed a claim against Cantillion for monies owed for demolition, while Cantillion filed a counter claim.

Now, having already won one adjudication for ВЈ320,000, Knight Build has been forced to issue a winding up notice against developer Urvasco to collect a further ВЈ70,000.

In the original case the high court was shown bank statements indicating the developer had no other money.


Winding-up notice issued to Strand developer as subbies left unpaid


Urvasco still owes tens of millions to the various other contractors on the job. They include Buro Happold, H+B Scaffolding, Crown Lifts, Severfield Rowen and project architect Foster and Partners.

One contractor, who declined to be named, said: “No-one has been paid and there’s nothing happening on site. Subbies have been told to leave and have gone leaving materials everywhere. It’s a health and safety nightmare.”

The hearing is set for February 2009.

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