Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Drainage subcontractor jailed for payment row shooting

A drainage subcontractor who tried to sort out a row over payment by firing two shots at the home of a Perth businessman has been jailed for four years and five months.

Thomas Pryde, 36, was sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow following the incident in 2004, according to the BBC.

The court head that Pryde had fired the shots at the home of Steve Stewart while his ex-wife and three children were inside because he was owed ВЈ5,100.

Four days prior to the shooting he had turned up at plumber Steve Stewart's business in Perth and demanded money.

After Mr Stewart said that his firm was awaiting payment from the main contractor and that he would be paid then, Pryde told him he had "pals with shotguns".


Drainage subcontractor jailed for payment row shooting


On 14 September 2004 he turned up at Stewart's, masked, riding a motorbike and carrying a shotgun. He fired two shots in the air.

He was subsequently paid.

Pryde was jailed for extorting the money, after committing breaches of the peace at the firm's premises in Dunkeld Road on 10 September 2004, and at Stewart's house.

He also admitted offences under the Firearms Act.

During sentencing, temporary judge John Beckett QC told Pryde: "I must deter you from acting in this way again.

"There were available to you legal remedies. What you did was wholly unjustifiable."

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