Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ex-Pierse police job runs into more trouble

A subcontractor on the troubled ВЈ10.7m construction of a police facility in Cheshire has been forced to scrap materials worth ВЈ35,000 for just ВЈ80.

The police firearms training centre in Winsford initially hit the skids following the collapse of main contractor Pierse's UK operations, earlier this year.

CJ understands that M&E firm TDR Projects, which was originally subcontracted by Ardern Electrical to furnish the mechanical installation at the site, has lost out on the chance to continue its work on the project, despite having already fabricated the majorty of a system purpose-built for the facility.

TDR pulled out of the site shortly after it emerged that Pierse Contracting and Pierse Contracting Southern had gone into liquidation in April.


Ex-Pierse police job runs into more trouble


Pierse's demise forced Ardern into administration in May this year, leaving TDR with unpaid bills of around ВЈ140,000. TDR was also forced to leave the kit it had manufactured specifically for the police training centre, worth around ВЈ35,000, at the site in Winsford, Cheshire.

Now Osset-based firm Machenair has been drafted in to finish the work, rather than TDR Projects.

CJ understands that the Cheshire Police Authority assured Machenair that it would have all of the materials left on site at its disposal to finish the work, as it was all the property of Cheshire Police.

But TDR's solicitors contacted the client to assert its right to the company's ductwork, which has not yet been installed.

Once TDR's right to the purpose-built kit was confirmed, it attempted to sell it to Cheshire Police and then Machenair, which have both declined to buy it.

David Pemberton, TDR Projects' owner, said: "This whole thing has been run so appallingly. It's so stupid that after the event, with only half of the job to complete, knowing that the current installation so far is excellent, we have had to bid for the work again. And then we didn't get it. We have been forced to scrap the kit we made and Machenair will have to fabricate it all over again."

A Cheshire Police Authority spokeswoman said: "TDR Projects left a quantity of equipment on the site and approached the Cheshire Police Authority for re-imbursement. TDR Projects valued the equipment and a second valuation was also sought by the Police Authority. The second valuation was markedly lower than that given by TDR and this has not been contested. The new contractors, Machenair, made no offer to purchase the existing equipment and due to the differing valuations of the equipment, Cheshire Police Authority deemed it imprudent to purchase the equipment at the higher rate proposed by TDR Projects."

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