Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wirral contractor recycles paint pots into garden furniture

A Wirral-based painting contractor is recycling its plastic paint pots into garden furniture and claims this to be a UK-first.

The 50,000 paint pots that Hankinson use annually no longer got for landfill thanks to a pioneering process.

With the help of ICI Paints, Hankinson bosses identified Knowsley’s Avanti Waste Management as a partner and set about working together to develop uses for the left-over cans.

As a result, all plastic paint pots are turned into items such as garden furniture.

Stephen Hankinson, chief executive, said: “We are all impacted by environmental consequences of global climate change. As a company we had to make our own commitment and not just rely on others to make a difference.


Wirral contractor recycles paint pots into garden furniture


“It was important to reduce the large number of waste paint cans going to landfill and find a better way to deal with the disposal of left-over paint and solvents.”

Left-over water based paint is now converted into compost while a process called Pyrolysis turn oil-based paint into energy which is used to fuel power generators and turbines.

A confidentiality clause was signed between Avanti and Hankinson while the ground-breaking processes were trialed.

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