Sunday, February 8, 2009

Construction Diploma: lack of information impacts numbers

Civils contractors slammed the Government’s failure to promote the new Construction Diploma this week after a survey showed that teachers, pupils, parents, schools and employers are still confused about what the new Diploma offers.

The survey, commissioned by the Department of Children Schools and Families (DCSF), concluded that students were ill informed about the qualification and that more information must to be made available if student enrolment is to improve.

Only 1,500 students signed up for the Construction Diploma, which was launched in September last year – 2,500 fewer than expected.

Rosemary Beales, director of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association said:

“CECA urged DCSF to make sure that employers had access to key information on Diplomas to avoid any confusion over the status of the new qualifications. It is disturbing to find out, long after the Diplomas have been launched, that not only are employers still not getting a clear picture of the new structure, but nor are parents, pupils and teachers.”


Construction Diploma: lack of information impacts numbers


Beales called on DCSF to ensure key information is made available to all interested parties.

The DCSF said a campaign to inform students and particularly teachers was underway.

However CECA training director Joe Johnson said this was not enough. He called for more information for contractors.

To date only thirteen construction firms have signed up to the Diploma Employer Champions' Network to promote the qualification to the construction industry. The thirteen  have joined the Diploma Employer Champions' Network. However Johnson said the take up was "disappointing" and reflected the failure of the DCFS to inform construction industry employers about the Diploma. "The Government needs to act now to prevent even fewer kids taking up the Diploma next September," he warned.

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