Monday, February 9, 2009

Pimlico Plumbers lifts monthly turnover to record £1.6m

Pimlico Plumbers, the independent plumbing firm based in London, has recorded its second record trading month in a row.

December was reported to have been “phenomenal” as turnover rocket ahead by 50% to £1.5m

But now Pimlico has continued with the foot still on the gas with January’s turnover exceeding £1.6m.

Charlie Mullins, Pimlico’s managing director, said “I’m not denying there’s a recession on out there as every day I talk to people who are feeling real pain.

“But through all the doom and gloom we’ve managed to keep busy by adapting to changes in the market.”

Boilers have been a strong selling point as people switch to shelling out for new heating systems rather than follow a вЂmake do and mend’ strategy.


Pimlico Plumbers lifts monthly turnover to record £1.6m


“Some of our competitors have been cutting back and reducing staffing levels,” said Mullins, “but we have adapted the business model at Pimlico to match the new pattern of demand.

“By increasing our call centre and back room teams and our emergency hours capabilities, we have increased our capacity at a time when demand is high, which enables us to take on more jobs."

Mullins set up the business in 1979 with a bag of tools and a second hand van. He now employs 160 tradesmen and support staff.

Turnover in 2008 ran to ВЈ15m.

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