Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dawnus Construction's pre-tax profit falls 57%

Dawnus Construction has seen its pre-tax profit plummet by 57% in 2008, despite turnover increasing 9% to ВЈ69.2m.

The Swansea-based firm is a building and civil engineering group with a subsidiary, Dawnus Plant, that provides plant hire services.

It generated ВЈ0.9m in pre-tax profit for the year ended 31 December 2008, compared to ВЈ2.1m in 2007.

Despite this, a directors' report for Dawnus Holdings, Dawnus Construction's parent company offered a bullish outlook for 2009.

It said: "During 2009 and future years, the group is well-positioned to maintain real growth. The thrust of future business development will be focussed on securing larger civil engineering contracts and leveraging our experience labour force to win new building contracts.


Dawnus Constructions pre-tax profit falls 57%


"Secured turnover at the end of 2008 was once again at a record level, which, together with a strong pipeline of potential contracts, should ensure continued substantial growth in 2009."

Over the year the company said its labout costs increased by 30% as it boosted its direct labour force.

Dawnus Construction's highest-paid director took home ВЈ178,268 in 2008, with ВЈ21,208 going into the pension pot.