Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not drowning but dozing - PHOTO

When Case donated a 25t CX240B excavator to dredge a lake in Germany, it wasn’t expecting contractor Albrecht Fischer to drive it into sediment up to 2m deep.

Not drowning but dozing - PHOTO

Stakholzbach Lake was in danger of drying up due to centuries of silt deposits decreasing the depth of water until last summer a large number of fish died and the local authority had to close the popular leisure spot. 

Having drained the water, the excavator started work but kept sinking deeper and deeper into the sediment until only the upper structure was visible with the silt seeping into every crevice on the machine. Once the excess silt is removed (which is so glutinous the operator has to shake the bucket to dislodge it) the dozer blade is used to clear parallel paths across the lake to allow other machines cart the sediment away.

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