Sunday, July 12, 2009

Plumbers accept pay freeze in 2010 with rpi rise in 2011

Britain's plumbers have narrowly voted to accept a two-year pay deal from contractors that will see their basic rate frozen in 2010 and an inflation rise in 2011.

The deal, negotiated by Unite on behalf of plumbers employed under the Joint Industry Board for Plumbing Mechanical Engineering Services, won improved holiday pay terms for next year.

This will see all 30-days holidays paid at the average daily rate, which includes bonus payments. Previously just 22 holiday days were paid on these terms.

The deal covers 1,500 employers and up to 60,000 plumbers in England & Wales.

Unite members have expressed their disappointment at the lack of a pay increase in 2010 but according to Unite National Officer for Plumbing, John Allott, plumbers adopted a pragmatic approach for the well being of the plumbing contracting industry:

"I would like to commend our plumbing members on their loyalty to the industry and remind the employers that our members would have an expectation that this loyalty should be rewarded in the future when work picks up."