Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bob Crow to join Olympic protest

Rail union leader Bob Crow was due to join protesting construction workers at the gates of the 2012 Olympic site in Stratford, east London this morning.

RMT general secretary Crow will join activists from Unite and the GMB in a protest over pay and working conditions and the alleged exploitation of overseas workers.

Protesters from the recent wave of disputes against the exploitation of foreign labour at UK oil refineries were due to join fellow construction workers outside the Olympic site

Crow said: "The anger amongst workers over the race to the bottom on jobs, pay and working conditions by companies exploiting the recession and the hiring and firing of overseas workers is now turning into a national fightback. That’s why I will be joining with our colleagues from the construction industry on the gates of the Olympic site in Stratford on Wednesday morning to show full support and solidarity."


Bob Crow to join Olympic protest


Demonstrators are planning to march on Parliament after the Olympic protest.

One union source said: "There's a lot of support for this out there and we are expecting the protest to be a bit lively."

An ODA spokesperson said: "We are committed to fair employment standards and positive industrial relations on the Olympic Park. There are high levels of direct employment on the site and an agreement with construction unions includes recognition of national working rule agreements, training and local employment."