Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trade contractor pay rates drop

Earnings among most of the main construction trades dropped back again during April, according to the latest pay trends survey of 35,000 self employed workers by Hudson Contract.

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Of the 85 categories, 32 (37%) show an increase in gross payments but 50 (59%) show a reduction in earnings. Only one shows no-change while two trade groups have insufficient work to warrant payments to subcontractors contracted through Hudson.

"The most encouraging sign is that all trades contracted and paid by Hudson were working except surfacing contractors in the North East and steel frame erectors in the South West," said Hudson Contract managing director David Jackson.


Trade contractor pay rates drop


"However, the overall earnings levels show a continued reduction in pay to the self-employed in-line with demands made by main contractors for a reduction in their costs and tendered rates submitted by firms chasing the reduced amount of work out there."

Scaffolding was the worst hit trade, with rates down in every region, the worst a 22% fall in the North West.

Plastering was also down in every region bar one, with the North West again suffering most, recording a 30% drop. Insulation dropped by 21% in the Midlands and by 10% in the North East, but was up 12% in the North West.

Electrical dropped in every region, the exception being a rise of 13% in the North West.

The sector which bucked the trend most was Equipment Hire, with the Midlands region recording a whopping 67% rise.

Bricklaying was up across all regions, the biggest increase 12.5% in the North East. Fit out rose by 15% in the South West and by 24% in the North West, but was down 16% in the Midlands.

Demolition increased 21% in SW, but dropped 18% in the North East.