Monday, May 18, 2009

Children get better results in PFI schools says KPMG report

PFI schools are delivering improved results faster than traditionally rebuilt secondary schools and cutting truancy rates, according to a report published by KPMG this week.

The report, 'PFI in school building - does it influence educational outcomes?', revealed that the rate of improvement in student attainment in PFI schools was 44% higher than in schools traditionally rebuilt.

Bob Griggs, KPMG’s social infrastructure head said that the findings “clearly suggest that PFI schools appear to contribute to a more rapid increase in student results and better attendance.”

However the reasons for this difference are unclear.

Griggs suggests it may be the quality of the environment in PFI schools or because PFI construction schemes tend to come in on time, creating less disruption.


Children get better results in PFI schools says KPMG report


He concludes: “Our analysis suggests that private finance plays a positive role in the rebuilding of schools. Governments should therefore take account of these apparent benefits flowing from the use of private finance when deciding how investment programmes are financed.”