Friday, September 18, 2009

Galliford Try expands into Qatar

Galliford Try is opening a new division in Qatar to take advantage of huge opportunities in improving the local infrastructure.

The Galliford Try Qatar LLC operation will focus on infrastructure projects in the public and regulated sectors in joint venture venture with MFH, a wholly owned Qatari company also based in Doha.

Colin Crumlin, managing director of Galliford Try International said: "Development in Qatar is taking place in a planned and controlled way with substantial government funding and therefore presents a better opportunity for our international growth than other more mature commercial markets in the Middle East.

"Even if building in Qatar stopped tomorrow it would take about 10 years for infrastructure to catch up so there’s plenty of work out there."


Galliford Try expands into Qatar


Heading up the Qatar operation is regional director Tony Williams who has more than 20 years experience overseas in countries such as Ghana, Oman and Russia. He also joins the board of Galliford Try International.

Crumlin said: "We are currently considering further directions in which we can expand our international operations."

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