Monday, October 26, 2009

First Olympic building finished

EDF Energy Contracting has completed construction on the first building on the Olympic Park.

The site's new Primary Electrical Substation will supply electricity to the Olympic Park and the Stratford City development.

The substation is located in Kings Yard in the west of the Olympic Park and will distribute electricity across the Olympic Park and Stratford City site through new electrical networks consisting of more than 100km of electrical cabling.

Construction work began in December 2007 and the substation is now operational and will start supplying electricity to the Stratford City site next month, with the Olympic Stadium set to be the first Olympic Park venue to receive electricity early next year.


First Olympic building finished


ODA Director of Utilities and Infrastructure Simon Wright said: "Completing the first building on the Olympic Park site on schedule is a major milestone and shows that we are making good progress not only on the main sporting venues for 2012 but also on the backbone of essential new utilities infrastructure. The electricity substation will serve the lifetime of the 2012 project - powering construction work on the Olympic Park site, serving venues during the Games in 2012, and delivering essential new services for generations to come."

The substation takes power from the upstream 132,000 volt electrical network outside the Olympic Park site. Main transformers within the substation then вЂstep-down’ the power to 11,000 volts so that it can be distributed and used by venues and buildings across the Park and in the Stratford City development.

A clear emphasis was put on the architectural designs of the electrical substation to ensure the structure fit in with the design of the wider Olympic Park. The electrical substation was designed by EDF Energy with specialist support from Andrews Associates for the structural design elements and NORD Architecture (a Glasgow-based practice that won the prestigious Young Architect of the Year Award in 2006) for the external architectural features.

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