Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pay freeze for H&V workers

Thousands of heating and ventilating workers have agreed to a pay freeze this year.

Leaders of the HVCA struck the deal with union Unite today which will see no pay increases until October 2010 when hourly rates will go up 2%.

Peter Rimmer, head of the HVCA’s Employment Affairs Department said: "This agreement acknowledges the considerably more difficult circumstances – in terms of workload, profit margins and payment security – under which building services engineering is currently operating compared with 12 or 18 months ago.

"Given that it is unlikely that prospects for the sector will improve significantly during 2010, it is crucial that employers run as a tight a ship as possible.

"The agreement concluded with Unite will ensure that labour costs are kept in check – to the long-term benefit of all."


Pay freeze for H&V workers


In October 2010, employers will also become liable under the agreement to pay a pension contribution of 1% of basic earnings above the primary earnings threshold.

The deal compares starkly with the last three-year pay package agreed by both sides in 2006 which saw increases in hourly rates of: 3.5% from ВЈ10 to ВЈ10.35 from 6 November 2006; a further 3.5% increase to ВЈ10.73 from 3 September 2007; and 4% increase to ВЈ11.16 from 6 October 2008.


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