Sunday, March 29, 2009

Government urged to create jobs through energy efficiency investment

The government is being urged to invest in energy efficiency measure to create construction jobs and reduce carbon emissions.
Ahead of next month’s budget two reports have been launched which spell out the required investment and resulting economic and environmental results.

A report from Greenpeace suggests that for every ВЈ1m spent 15-20 jobs are created to improve the housing stock.
Meanwhile, research from Caleb Management Services says up to 50,000 jobs could be created and significant amounts of carbon dioxide saved if the government were to invest in refurbishing non-residential buildings.

The research, commissioned by Kingspan Insulated Panels, says that 20% of the UK’s emissions could be saved with an annual investment of £1.18bn.


Government urged to create jobs through energy efficiency investment


It is suggested that, rather than further burden the taxpayer, the funding could be provided through Government supported loans paid back through energy savings.

Alan Whitehead MP, chair of the parliamentary renewable and sustainable energy group, said: “These recommendations should act as a call to action for government and industry in addressing this most important of issues.”

Mark Harris, Kingspan’s Divisional Building Technology Director, said:  “There is a precedent in the public sector for interest free loans for improvements to public buildings. The owner pays this back with the energy savings.

“It becomes self financing and we’re pushing for the government to do something similar in the private sector.”

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