Monday, March 23, 2009

Police urge plant industry to beat theft with star-rating scheme

Plant manufacturers, owners and users are being encouraged to raise the bar in preventing plant theft with the introduction of a new five-star scheme devised by Thatcham, the insurance industry’s research centre.

The scheme is backed by ACPO, the Met Police’s new Plant and Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU) and the Construction Industry Theft Solutions and is being rolled out to plant users, owners, insurers and finance companies in a series of seminars at New Scotland Yard.

Under the scheme Cesar-marked plant earns one star with a second for a unique key and the third for an approved immobiliser. These three features will be considered вЂmandatory’ with the last two stars being considered optional and awarded for perimeter security (locking cabs and windows) and an after-theft or tracking system which is recognised by police forces (usually Thatcham’s Cat 5).


Police urge plant industry to beat theft with star-rating scheme


Very few items of plant currently conform to this specification but the group want such features to become standard fitment in the future and some contractors, insurers and finance companies may start requiring retrofitments to the equipment they use, finance or insure.

DC Ian Elliott of PANIU said: "This first seminar is for major contractors and utility companies and we will also be having similar meetings for plant hirers and the insurance and finance industries."

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