Friday, March 6, 2009

New Considerate Constructors programme set for July launch

The Considerate Constructors Scheme has started trials for a new type of registration programme aimed at smaller construction firms.

The Company Registration scheme will allow cover SMEs with a turnover of up to ВЈ2.5m a year.

The traditional scheme only permits registration on a site-by-site basis and can only accommodate sites with a duration of longer than six weeks.

Company Registration will require smaller firms to follow the Code of Considerate Practice, and scheme monitors will visit the site and offices, writing a report and giving a score. Sites will also be required to display posters and the best-performing companies will be given a reward.

The trial sees 18 companies around the country taking part. It will come to an end in May before an official launch in July.


New Considerate Constructors programme set for July launch


Scheme chief executive Edward Hardy said: "We have been working for some time on an initiative which will allow any companies and all its sites to be able to share in the benefits of registration with the Considerate Constructors Scheme. With the trials of the Company Registration Scheme proving a success, it seems we are on the point of reaching that goal."

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